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A Guide to Choosing a Great Spice Binder for Your Kitchen

Kitchen spice grinders conveniently turn whole seeds and roots into enhancements of flavor. Such grinders are available in a broad range of styles, such as manual and automatic grinders. As such, what constitutes a grinder that solves your flavor processing requirements? Here, we examine the criteria for picking a great spice grinder:


The spice grinder you buy should match your style. You may choose from several models like electric grinders, which sport a rotating metal blade that crashes material into fine spice particles. Start by unplugging the device from power, invert the container, and shake the processed product out to start using your ready spices. There’s also the manual crank grinder, commonly referred to as the spice mill, which sports two metal components rotating in reverse directions to pulverize spices. The motion that grinds spice ingredients in this grinder model requires hand manipulation.

Have you ever heard of the microplane grinder that looks like a cheese grater? This one has either a curved or flat metal featuring slanting teeth for crashing. It sports openings that are tiny enough to create powder with the required consistency. With its secured handle, the device won’t slip. Easy to recognize around the globe, the mortar and pestle is an ancient way of crushing tiny ingredients. The mortar bowl contains the spice, with the pestle providing a pounding action to grind the whole spice ingredient into the required fine particles. The commonly available mortar/pestle grinders are wooden, ceramic, or marble.

Ease of Use

Of all spice grinder types, only the electricity-powered model does not need any kind of human intervention to grind spice materials into the aspired particle size. However, manual handling is cumbersome and time wasting. When you don’t like to waste a lot of time, go for the power grinder boasting unrivalled effectiveness in preparing spices. In that case, just power up the grinder, put the ingredients, and cover it. The power-spun blades take over the spice processing.

Additional Critical Considerations

Stainless steel spice grinders are ideal options where the grinder is able to avoid corrosion on exposure to any crushed spice juices. Since the grinder type is rust-proof, you expect its grinding mechanism to be relatively hard-wearing. On the other hand, adjustable spice grinders make for excellent flexibility regarding the various degrees of powder coarseness you can achieve. These types of grinders have an adjustable dial which lets you vary the consistency of your spice produce from fine to coarse.

Kitchen spice grinders always come in handy when you’re making spices from diverse ingredients as preferred. A grinder is great if it’s efficient enough in processing your favorite spices. This grinder must last-long and be versatile.

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