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Simple Things that Makes a Wedding Memorable.

Many people like attending weddings. There is little to say about the difference among various weddings nowadays. It is, therefore, up to the couple to try and make their wedding extra special. There are certain simple things that are capable of making a wedding memorable. These great ideas are going to be discussed as we progress.

One of these ideas is for the couple to have song request cards. In most cases, one is not sure the songs that are appropriate and loved by their guests. It is even more challenging when the guests have varied ages. Therefore, one can prepare the song request cards that are handed over to the guests at the reception. The cards give the guests the liberty of choosing their favorite songs. Through the cards, the guests can enjoy their favorite jams as well. The couple can then merge their list with their guests’ one. This will keep everyone entertained with the songs that are going to be played will be a representative of every guest present.

A couple can prefer to replace the guest book with the video booth to make a wedding fancier. The video booth and the guest book, however, achieve the same purpose. The good thing about the video booth is that the guests will record their messages instead of writing down. Watching of the recorded messages is done later after the wedding ends. This is the emerging trend of doing the wishes. The video booth is better than the guestbook since it is time-saving and convenient as well.

Traditionally, the guests use rice or confetti to throw at the couples. Bubbles offer a modern alternative to the outdated use of the rice or confetti. The bubbles are utilized by blowing them onto the couple as they leave the reception. Some venues do not allow the use of the rice and confetti, therefore leaving the use of bubbles as the only appropriate alternative. Another way of making your wedding day extra special is having a hashtag for the day. This is a trending method of involving those guests who could not make it to the wedding. Irrespective of their location, these guests can be involved in the happenings at the wedding venue.

Finally, it is important also to take care of the children. Therefore, the children should be kept entertained. Putting aside a special table for the children can do the trick. Also, having a bouncing castle at the premises is appropriate too. Such fun activities will prevent the children from getting bored before the wedding ends. Above are some ways that can help to come up with a special wedding. In addition, it is also wise to include the guests in the decision-making. Asking for their opinions about certain things will even make the wedding more successful.

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